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Free Money for a College Education

February 26th, 2008

Sounds great right? Maybe too good to be true. Well, if I’ve learned anything in the last 18 months of working in the world of college scholarships and financial aid, its that free money for college is out there in large amounts.

History: was my first attempt at a WordPress website, my second site overall. As soon as it was set up, it had included many of the functions and features I had downloaded and installed for Joomla.

The idea came about because I wanted a place to keep track of all the information I was finding online that related to work. Many nights I would be up late researching scholarship or internship opportunities but I’d have a mess of links and half-written thoughts cluttering up an email that was sure to get lost to more important communications.

Since WordPress worked out so well, writing a web page was suddenly as easy as writing an email. With a few modifications, WordPress can be made into an extremely effective content management system optimized for author, reader, and search engine alike. If you like to write and you haven’t got a WordPress website yet, I suggest setting one up and learning some more about it. Its not too hard to educate ones self in this software, because its quite straightforward and the documentation at the homepage is excellent.

So far so good: Through the Free College Blog I’ve met several web publishers in the subject and traded some good conversations over contemporary educational issues. My site is starting to pick up in traffic, and most of the users end up finding it through search engine queries and from what I’ve seen I’m able to answer the questions they ask Google. Right now, I get a lot of questions about the Florida Bright Futures program, so if you have one, drop me a comment on the Free College website!