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That first battery charge is the worst

September 14th, 2010

So I finally joined the rest of America today – I finally got myself a digital camera. It is a Canon SD1400 IS and I have to say from what I’ve seen so far it is pretty slick:

The camera is pretty tiny but it is a powerhouse too.  Even at 14.1 megapixels, I should be able to fit about 2,000 pictures on my 8 GB memory card.  Even at 720p high definition video, I can still record more than an hour of 30 frames per second.

Theoretically of course, because as I hinted in the post title here I haven’t actually got a chance to use it yet.  Since a lot of rechargeable batteries depend on that first battery charge up to set the pace for their useful lifetime, I’m going to test my patience one more time with a little bit of charging overkill.

Now, I’m going to have to learn how to use this thing too, but it looks like for most of my purposes all I’ll need to do is point and click.  In fact, I chose this model because it seemed to be the best one for taking pictures indoors when you’ve got no clue what you’re doing.  Aisling assures me that if I’m serious about quality, all digital photos should go through PhotoShop before publication, but I’m hoping that this new gadget will be “good enough” in the automatic mode.

Anyway, I think it is time to stop rambling and get back to work.  That first charge though, it is a killer!  I can’t stop thinking about how much I’d rather be taking pictures.

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