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My Prescription for the Flu

November 3rd, 2009

Well, something hit me.  It was just a matter of time since Aisling caught it first and she’s been lying around the house sick for a week, but I was hopeful it would pass over me with some minor symptoms.

Now obviously, its probably a good idea to actually talk to a doctor if the sickness gets real bad or continues to get worse for more than a few days.  I’m kind of busy though, so I don’t have time for a prolonged illness – and luckily I had plenty of supplies on hand to deal with it.

Hot Tea, Hot Food, Hot Showers, Sleep, Repeat

It hit when I woke up Sunday morning to a bad taste in my mouth and aching muscles.  First thing was first, I sprayed some lemon juice extract down the throat and swished it around a bit.  Its a little strong, but it knocked the bad taste out immediately and probably put a major block on the infection’s momentum.

Next step is to brew up some green tea.  Coincidentally, it happens to taste great with some of that lemon juice.  After a few big mugs of that, I was finally awake and at least a little bit hungry.

Well, the processed soup won’t work because the wheat would make me even sicker.  So I had to broil up a few steaks and steam some broccoli & carrots.  And it must have sit just right, because in the next 48 hours I would end up eating about 2 pounds of each one.

Of course, after lunch it was time to have a hot shower and head back to bed.

Another four hours of sleep is just enough to get the appetite back.  Eat some more greens, drink some fruit juice, and head back to bed for the night.

By Monday morning, I was a little worried that the routine hadn’t worked.  I went for one more round of tea and grub, then headed straight back to bed.  When I woke up at noon, I decided sleep was still a better idea.  Finally, when I got up Monday evening from my fourth consecutive nap, I knew the bug was as good as defeated.  The sinus pain was gone, the aching had dulled, and I finally had some energy and a clear head.

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