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Oh joy, no AC again

May 3rd, 2010

This air conditioning unit is starting to be a real pain…
So we’re all just standing around playing a fun game of Wii Bowling, but despite my winning score I couldn’t help but feel something was wrong.  The house kept getting hotter despite my half conscious adjustments to the thermostat.  Steve was sitting directly under the air vent, so when I verbalized my complaints he assured me that it was indeed working (for him at least.)  And unfortunately, when I went to check the vents in the other rooms there was virtually zero pressure coming out of them.

Step outside and sure enough – the copper pipe that runs the freon around inside the machine is frozen over and probably leaking whenever it finally melts.

At least its still May, instead of July or August… I guess…

Honestly, its time to get a completely new AC unit, but who wants to invest five thousand bucks into a house that’s already underwater?  Maybe its time to act like the billionaires and walk away from our debts…

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