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Squidoo, Blogspot – Why use Free Hosting, too?

May 26th, 2008

Shared hosting provides a lot of flexibility, a sense of ownership, and a good price, so why am I building websites on free web hosts, too?

Well, Blogspot and Squidoo offer unique web creation software and unique modes of marketing web pages. Each community offers insight, links, and a new perspective on how to approach the internet business.

  • Jacksonville SEO – Jacksonville SEO is a collection of about 20 articles I wrote as I was thinking out a business plan that will soon be fully operational. The first trick was to actually rank for Jacksonville SEO as a search key word, now I need to set up a professional landing page offering the services and providing contact info.
  • Free College Aid – A place for collecting links to other interesting education blogs on the net, and its been a great place to store drafts and ideas for later posts at my main college blog.
  • Politics Undergroud – Again, a great tool for me to collect links of interesting political opinions in the blogosphere. When I’m lucky I can get the article’s original author to come back for some more comments on the topic. The internet has no doubt done wonders for the civil politics debate.
  • Gluten Blog – No wheat – its gluten-free for me. The Gluten Blog is a place for me to record recipes on the fly and store links of my favorite Celiac resources.
  • Jacksonville Artists – A side-project to help my artist friends and of course the love of my life Aisling 🙂

Squidoo sites:

  • Free College Lens – More free college resources for students, parents, and anyone considering continuing their college education
  • Website Building – A Squidoo lens web page about building web pages. Including a more thorough introduction to Squidoo and free hosting services.
  • News and Politics – News feeds, debate, politics, news, what else do you need?
  • Florida Bright Futures – A lens about the history and possible future of the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship program. Also links to a requirements and Q&A page I’m running on shared hosting.
  • Dreamhost Coupon – If you’re interested in setting up a shared hosting account with Dreamhost (the same company hosting the domain) this Squidoo lens includes some discount coupons that can help you save some cash.
  • Web hosting types – Free, shared, dedicated? What is it all about and how can you use different types to maximize your online strategy?
  • Search Scholarships – My first lens, one of my first websites of my own. A summary of the scholarship hunting process with links to more detailed accounts of the specific steps involved.
  • Website SEO – Of course, if you’re going to be building all of these websites, you have to make sure that someone sees them, right!?
  • College Financial Aid – A primer for college financial aid, links to free resources, and tips on applying for the FAFSA.

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