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February 25th, 2008

Underground Politics News.

This is my first website. It started off as a place to stash various essays and opinions I have written about politics, but by the time I got Joomla set up and vaguely modified for my uses, I realized I have basically already lost most of what I wrote in college. That doesn’t really bother me too much, because as an undergraduate I had a pretty superficial view of the power structures and inner working of modern government. I had read enough Machiavelli and Orwell to know that there was something more to political science than what was covered in the lecture, but it has only been in the last year or two that the “big picture” of media, economics, party structures, and religion is starting to become clear.

I’m honestly not too happy with this website. At first glance, Joomla offered everything I could possibly want for building an online store-front, a social network community, or just about anything else. I realized after the fact that its technical complexity was way beyond my initial ability, and the entire way its been structured is a nightmare for myself, users, or search engines to navigate things. To make it worse, its quite ugly if you ask me! For all its features, Joomla can get expensive quickly, and people want cash for upgrades like templates and functional modules for comments and article management.

On the bright side, its given me a political outlet where I can ramble on about economic, international, and party-based developments that I might otherwise forget. I’ve built up quite a collection of reference materials and personal editorials, so I’m ready for any political debate. I stay fiercely independent, so don’t think I’ll fall into any partisan logic-traps.

Of course, I don’t know everything or have all the best solutions every time, but I welcome your comments and disagreements and heavy debate in the forums or on any of the articles I’ve posted.

Joomla did finally fail in a spectacular way: by inviting someone to hijack my email servers for commercial and possibly illegal purposes.  Luckily, my hosting company helped me get everything sorted out and a new incarnation of the domain is back online.  Unfortunately, there just isn’t much time to update it and I wasn’t able to save everything.

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