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Dreamhost coupon code list

June 28th, 2008

Have you seen Dreamhost coupon codes like these?

Dreamhost and Bluehost are the two web hosting services I’m using right now to get my internet marketing work off the ground. Hosting is an important decision because the minor details of the company’s policies and agreements make all of the difference in how your websites will be able to operate, what amount of resources you’ll be able to use, and basically, whether or not your websites will be online at all.

This site is hosted on Dreamhost, and since its been up and running the load times and up-time have been great. My education bookmarking website is also hosted on Dreamhost, and I have to say this has been great. Some other shared hosts won’t allow beta software like Pligg, but this one will even install it for you. I had a hard time manually extracting the Pligg files and setting them up properly, so I set the website up in the advanced automatic installation mode and installed a pre-coded visual template. All I had to do was find certain parts in the existing style sheets to make a few modifications regarding the text content of the website. If you can use a Google search to determine which files have template areas and text you want to change, editing this to make your site unique and personal isn’t much different than writing any other digital document.

If you’re signing up for Dreamhot check out this Dreamhost coupon code list for all the discounts available. The best Dreamhost code depends on your website’s software and traffic types, just like the decision of who is the best website host for your plans. Dreamhost has excellent prices, few restrictions on the type of content you post (as long as it is legal!), and they offer a lot of options for server-side software installation that’s useful for new webmasters like myself. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking to get started.

What’s up with the discount code? Well, anyone who signs up for the rewards program can create their own discounts and get paid when someone uses it! That’s right, you could make money giving people discounts. I figure that’s a pretty good deal for everyone involved because its a service that I use and enjoy myself and so have no reservations about recommending. You can learn more about Dreamhost’s rewards program here, or even sign up if you want!

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