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Working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

September 13th, 2008

Lately, my main activity has been working with search engine standards in my website building process and acquiring more traffic for targeted keywords. By identifying profitable search terms and complying with SEO best practices, content writing can easily be converted into sales. With the right advertising program, a good percentage of these sales can be returned as a finder’s fee – making SEO a profitable, yet sometimes risky endeavor.

The risk is present when over-activity creates a possibility of a search engine penalty such as the minus 30 penalty.

My main projects and resources regarding SEO:

Website SEO – Links to articles about SEO written as a blog/journal style approach. A recollection of my discoveries as they are occurring and a helpful guide

Jacksonville SEO – Need SEO help for your website? Organic and search traffic just not living up to expectations? You can see I’m not much of a visual designer, but I can definitely help bring some traffic and bot recognition to a domain. Is there a risk involved with hiring an SEO consultant? Always. Efforts might backfire or they might pay off. Make sure they use good practices and don’t promise more than they can reasonably deliver.

Jacksonville SEO Blog – Articles about the potential utility and risks of SEO. Why search engine marketing can deliver better value to a business than traditional mass media efforts. Also, introductions to a lot of the vocabulary terms and jargon in the SEO business.

John McDonald, adding SEO to the resume because it pays the bills.

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