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Hope you had a good Memorial Day…

June 1st, 2010

Summer sun, BBQ, and swimming pools

I realized that summer is definitely here as I stepped out into the wall of heat early yesterday afternoon. We headed down to our friend’s parents’ house and enjoyed a nice lazy day of cooking on the grill and swimming in the pool.

Well-done burgers topped off with sharp cheddar… hot dogs burn around the edges to that perfect crispy crunch… even some potato salad, three bean salad, and all kinds of fresh berries. My taste buds are saying that I’d be hungry again if I wasn’t still full from all the great grub we had yesterday.

For all that is wrong and messed up in the world, it is always still a great time to enjoy some sun, some good food, and the company of friends.

Here’s to hoping that the military graveyards don’t have any reason to add plots any time soon, and to remembering those who have already passed on… With peace in mind, we can have a few extra people helping us celebrate the sun and the food next year too…

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