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Late August, No AC, What to do but Complain?

August 31st, 2009

Some time late last night, the power in the house flickered for a second and within fifteen minutes we noticed it was getting a bit warm.  A bit warm was an understatement… Despite the AC fan continuing to blow air around, the actual cooling systems must have shorted out because the outside fan was suddenly silent.  And the temperature kept creeping up…

In fact, from midnight to six a.m., the temperature inside the house didn’t drop below 80 degrees once.  Opening the windows hasn’t done anything about the temperature either, the outside air is humid and still.  There’s not a hint of wind or a cloud in the sky, so as the sun comes up here soon this inconvenience is likely to become misery.

I guess the good news is that the repair shops will be opening up about the same time the heat becomes unbearable.  Of course, this probably means spending a ridiculous amount of money, but there’s no way we can live here without an AC like we managed to make-due when the dryer broke.  And while we eventually fixed both the washer and the dryer on our own, I don’t think we’ve got the slightest idea of how to repair an AC compressor.

Oh well, this one should cost me a few hundred dollars I don’t really have but there aren’t many options available.  I’m starting to remember why so few people actually settled in Florida prior to the arrival of climate control.




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