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An Icepack on the Computer

September 4th, 2009

Its been almost five days since the air conditioner stopped working.  Despite the last two days of continuous rain and dropping temperatures, I’ve reached the limit of my heat tolerance and the AC repair guy is on the way.  I hope they don’t give us any hassle, I could write a really negative review online and three or four people might actually read it some day!

Really though, anything beyond a few hundred bucks is going to kill the budget.  And I’ve got a sinking feeling that all of the AC companies in town are pushing for a record sales weekend.  Every website I’ve visited is promoting some new federal subsidy for brand-new energy efficient air conditioners, and it took a little extra digging to find even a little bit of information about their repair policies.  A lot of these AC repair guys work on commission and the competition for jobs has been particularly fierce, so I’m half expecting anyone who shows up today to claim our current unit is beyond repair.

Despite the cynicism, this lack of an air conditioner can’t go on.  Since it went out, I’ve been carrying an ice pack around in a shirt, and from time to time I’m forced to leave the ice pack sitting on top of the computer – next to where the power supply is situated.  My computer has been running hot since I upgraded the PSU and video card, and now without any sort of inside air control the thing is just burning up.  I’m really surprised that it hasn’t melted down completely yet, but I do need to keep it one once in a while so I can do some writing and work online.

I’ve learned that I don’t know the first thing about air conditioners.  Although Aisling and I somehow fixed the clothes washer and dryer, we haven’t even known where to start with troubleshooting the AC.

The absolute worst though, was going outside to cut the grass (I mean two-foot tall weeds) and coming back in to the stuffy house.  I was pretty confident that the cold shower would cool me down, but in a humid environment with still warm air, its hard to ever really dry out.  Next time I’ll try to stay dry when there’s no AC.  No, you know what?  “There ain’t gonna be a next time!”

Its 12:15 now – the repair guy is supposed to be here between 2 pm and 6pm.  I might have to wait around at the hottest part of the day, but he’ll have to actually fix the AC.

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