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Slow Sites and No Hints

September 16th, 2009

The good news is that the air conditioner finally works properly again.  Not only does it work great, we also found a way to get it fixed for about a third of what the large local brand wanted.  So much for “branding,” all those billboards and advertisements are distracting from the cost-benefit of the product or service they provide.  I won’t name any names yet, because I don’t want to be one of those bloggers targeted for a lawsuit because some company doesn’t like the truth of their cost and quality to be revealed.  They spend big bucks to control the media conversation, so they have to employ judges and lawyers to fight some young guy like me with a personal blog and something to share.

Anyway, as soon as one problem is resolved, the next one will inevitably pop up.  And at the moment, my biggest problem in the website building biz is the fact that about half of my websites are loading incredibly slowly.  You can see it on this one here or any of the domains I’ve hosted on Dreamhost – the load time has just been painfully slow since the weekend started.  I was hoping for some relief, but there is no notification on the Dreamhost status blog.

For almost two years, I’ve been extremely happy with Dreamhost’s hosting services, so I’m a bit surprised to see this sudden slowdown across multiple domains.  These aren’t even high traffic domains!

I’m starting to wonder if one of my server-neighbors is hogging up the resources and lagging up our machine.  If so, I hope someone at Dreamhost realizes or else I’ll have to actually send in my first support request after 20 months of hosting!

Anyone else on the altair server noticing a slowdown?  Let me know!


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